Saturday, January 31, 2009


Saturday, January 31, 2009

Author, Dehanna Bailee


My guest author this week is: Dehanna Bailee



Pamela: Welcome Dehanna, I see that one of your books hit #1 at for being the best-selling fiction title! That is quite an accomplishment.
Dehanna: Yes, it hit #1 at for being the Best-selling Science Fiction Title by a woman author. It was a nice little benchmark that came right on the heels of another one of my works making the Top #100 Hot New Releases in Romance at (in Kindle format).
Pamela: That's wonderful. Did you always love writing? And how did you get started?
Dehanna: I used to write stories when I was in high school but fell away from it in my mid-twenties due to working full time and life in general. For the next few years I dabbled a bit here and there in a few notebooks, but nothing serious, so it really wasn't until my early thirties before I was able to get back into it and that's when I wrote "True Nature."
Pamela:  I see that you've written both fiction and non-fiction titles. Do you prefer one genre to another? And which is easier for you?
Dehanna:  In fiction genres, I prefer to write things that have a romantic lean or focus. As to what I think is easier, fiction or non-fiction, I think I would have to say non-fiction because I can pretty much map out the whole work before I even get started. Guess there's something quite simplistic to that linear, 'just-the-facts-Jack' aspect.
Pamela:  You write fiction & non-fiction books, articles, and ebooks. You review other authors' work as well as host the POD Database. You must have a very full schedule with all you are involved in. Do you have a set schedule for blocking off time to write?
Dehanna:  Well, admittedly, my schedule is a full one--not just with the writing part of it, but also with my other responsibilities and commitments. I sometimes wish I had more time to write but don't think it would actually help me achieve more because it seems that my creativity likes to be spurred by the chaos that surrounds me (if that makes any sense). I like having something creative to work on to expel my excess energy.
Pamela:  Where can readers find out more about you, your work, or your books?
Dehanna:  Readers can visit me online at or at my blog All my available titles are listed in the bookstore at my main website, along with links to where they can be found. Also, there are excerpts and a couple free downloads for those who are interested.


Thanks for allowing me to interview you Dehanna!

Bye for now.




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  1. I've known Dehanna for a spell now and always amazed and thrilled with her accomplishments. This interview allowed me to get to know her further.

    Kudos to the both of you.

  2. Great post.

    Dehanna, that's two exciting accomplishments, #1 at Woman-Authors for Science Fiction and Top #100 Hot New Releases in Romance at (in Kindle format).


  3. Just thought I'd stop in to pass along my appreciation to Pam for hosting me this month and thank everyone else for the nice comments ;)

  4. Quite interesting answers. I learned a lot about Dehanna's activities from this post.



  5. Very interesting interview. Dehanna is certainly a busy lady.


  6. I really enjoyed this interview, Ladies--you both did an excellent job!

  7. Thanks again for all the comments - and to Pam for hosting me :)